TC Media Bernard Blanchet, Claude Dauphin, Catherine Ménard et Maja Vodanovic.

Each week, TC Media invites the municipal election candidates to express their views on various local issues. Their response is published word for word. Their participation is not mandatory.

This week, we ask the candidates what specific steps would they put into place to better serve the English community.

Bernard Blanchet, Vrai changement pour Montréal
First and foremost, it must be understood that a Lachiner is a Lachiner, whatever his or her language. We are aware of the high proportion of Anglophone citizens throughout the territory and their contribution to the growth of Lachine. In terms of communications, we must respect the laws in force in Quebec. In this regard, we will make available, in both languages, all public notices.

Here are some of our ideas:

– Ensure that public notices, written in plain language, are easily accessible in both languages;

– Reinstate the English version of the borough’s newsletter, abolished by the current administration;

– Consult the English-speaking community on the types of services required by delegating an elected official to the committee of your chosen representatives;

– To propose a cultural program that gives place to anglophone content, for example, shows and plays.

In short, we want to create a real change and propose inclusive ways for all citizens to benefit from the services Lachine has to offer. For more info on our ideas :

Claude Dauphin, Équipe Dauphin Lachine
For Team Dauphin Lachine, Anglophones will always be first class citizens as much as Francophones. Even though Lachine is not a designated bilingual borough, Mr. Dauphin has been accepting questions at council meeting in English and French, as well as on Citizen’s Saturdays.  Additionally, the mayor’s column in The Messenger, following an agreement reached with the OQLF, is published in both languages.

Leisure activities calendar is available in English on the borough website and a citizen can call to receive an English. Team Dauphin Lachine will implement a welcome package for our new residents informing them of local attractions, including incentives to buy locally, which will also be available in English.

Another commitment for Team Dauphin Lachine is to bring back Canada Day festivities to Stoney Point Park so that western Lachine residents can easily participate and enjoy.

In short, Mr. Dauphin and his team is committed to provide services in both French and in English whenever possible. Team Dauphin Lachine has clearly demonstrated this by being the only party to include English on their posters.

Catherine Ménard, Équipe Denis Coderre pour Montréal
Montréal’s large English-speaking community has played and continues to play a vital role in the development of our city. In short, the anglophone community has enriched our city and shaped its unique character.

For the upcoming municipal elections, Équipe Denis Coderre pour Montreal-Lachine is proud to present a multi-cultural team that represents Lachine’s diverse community. Our team members are all fluent in both official languages.

We recognize the necessity to maintain and strengthen the relationship between the borough and its English-speaking community as well as with all the many different communities that call our beautiful borough home.

We will continue to work to ensure that we are able to provide services, information and cultural offerings in both French and English.

Lachine’s English-speaking community can count on our team. We are sensitive to the concerns and needs of all our citizens and wish build a community where respect, pride and acceptance are the principles that guide us in our everyday life and where our diversity makes us strong and unique.

Together we can and we will do more!

Maja Vodanovic, Projet Montréal
In 2016, Maja Vodanovic championed and helped mobilize with parents the ‘Save Lakeside Movement’ whose goal was to keep the only English high school in the Lachine/Dorval region open. They created a petition that was signed by 11 000 people in only 10 days and were able to convince the school board, for the first time in its history, to reverse its decision to close a school.

The collaborative approach proposed to increase the number of students was a success as last year’s enrollment was almost triple what was initially predicted. The new Community learning center, the rich science and arts program combined with the international baccalaureate philosophy is attracting students from near and far.

Sharing space and facilities, helping foster programs such as Robotics and Club Zone are all part of Projet Montréal’s commitment to strengthen ties between schools and the city and will help this English school at the heart of Lachine’s community.

Our team will continue to work on finding new ways to increase enrollment in our English schools and serve our vibrant Anglophone community.

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