TC MEDIA - FELIX O.J. FOURNIER The new council for Dorval has many familiar faces.

The swearing-in ceremony was light-hearted and set a positive tone for the new mandate of the council in Dorval.  Officials and their families were gathered on November 13 in the council chamber at city hall for the event.

Mayor Edgar Rouleau spoke about how grateful he was to the team in charge of the election and welcomed the new faces with some friendly advice.

« I want to thank all the spouses of those elected. With the late Monday nights council sessions and committees, you will not see them for a while. But it is an extraordinary experience and a thrill to be elected by your supporters. We will do all we can to represent you well, » he stated.

The council has not changed, save for Paul Trudeau taking over Désiré-Girouard from long time councilor Claude Valiquet, and Robert (Bob) Le Sage winning Fénelon from incumbent Daniel Da Chao.

The first new Dorval council sitting was on Monday, November 20.

2017 council:

Mayor of Doval:

Edgar Rouleau, Action Dorval (Incumbent)

Councilor (1) Désiré-Girouard:

Paul Trudeau, Independent

Councilor (2) La Présentation:

Michel Hebert, Action Dorval (Incumbent)

Councilor (3) Fénelon:

Robert (Bob) Le Sage,  Action Dorval

Councilor (4) Pine Beach:

Marc Doret, Action Dorval (Incumbent)

Councilor (5) Strathmore:

Christopher Von Roretz, Independent (Incumbent)

Councilor (6) Surrey:  

Margot Heron, Action Dorval  (Incumbent)


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