In boys U-13 soccer play the Lachine Soccer Club recently scored an impressive win over the Blitz from Ile Bizard. With the victory the Lachine Club moved into first place in their division.

The match played at Ile Bizard’s Parc Eugène Dostie saw the visitors take an early first half lead on goals by Anthony Pultrone and Andony Amarilla-Salvatierra. Ironically both goals came on free kicks on which Blitz goal tender Cederic Guy had no chance to stop.

For the Blitz who were playing an Italian type of soccer where defence is the key and offence results from opponents errors in play, the first half of play was their best.

With Blitz mid fielders Olivier Chaput, Robin Gagner, Isaac Racine as well as Dominic Wener to name just a few, playing a disciplined defensive game, the visitors were forced into a passing game that resulted in few dangerous shots on goals.

Offensively the Blitz’s best opportunities in the half came off the feet of Jonathan Chung and especially Charles Parisien. In the second half of play it was all Lachine.

The Blitz, a first year AA club, simply ran out of gas against the bigger and more experienced visitors.

Defensively Rahim Abdu who scored a goal from mid field, and Mathieu Chatelois led a Lachine defensive brigade that allowed 3 second half Blitz shots on net.

Offensive stars off the night for the Lachine S.C. included Herschel Patel, Thomas Côté. Sami El Hamakani, as well as Ezechiel Tiede who all had magic in their feet as they took control of the ball for most off the half and helped to put away the game in favour of Lachine by a one sided score.

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