The parliamentary session having recently ended in Ottawa, New Democrat MP Isabelle Morin is back to work full-time in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce-Lachine, where she expressed satisfaction with her work in the House of Commons.

Back in her riding, Morin is working to establish an efficient public transport system for the West End. She is also working with seniors groups to help them deal with the recent cuts to Old Age Security and ensure their rights are being respected.

Colossal Bill C-38

In Ottawa, the parliamentary year ended in controversy, as the Conservatives forced through their colossal Bill C-38. Morin is proud to have stood up to the Conservatives alongside her Official Opposition colleagues, especially during the 22 hour marathon vote on amendments.

“The Conservatives’ refusal to compromise reached a new low, because they did not accept one single amendment to their bill. However, I think we at least alerted the people of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce—Lachine to the frightening changes that will be brought about by Bill C-38.”

The Conservatives’ colossal bill includes Canada’s withdrawal from the Kyoto Protocol, abolishes several environmental laws, raises the retirement age from 65 to 67 and restricts employment insurance, penalizing seasonal workers. It also makes major changes to the Fisheries Act and greatly reduces governmental transparency by cutting the duties of the Auditor General.

The closure of Aveos

The closure of Aveos is yet another example of Conservative inaction on jobs. “As we all know, when it is time to help Air Canada instead of their employees, the Conservatives do not hesitate to intervene. But when it comes to the 1 785 jobs at Aveos, the minister suddenly has nothing to say”, added Morin.

The end of the parliamentary session also means that Isabelle Morin will be able to spend more time in her riding. “I am passionate about working in Ottawa, but it is equally important for me to work on the issues in my riding. Being back in NDG-Lachine will also allow me to participate in the numerous events organized by my community. Staying in contact with my constituents is paramount.” concluded Morin.

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