Prime Minister Stephen Harper appears to be trying to convince Canadians that the fraudulent election calls directing Liberal voters to the wrong polling stations were just dirty tricks by a few individuals.

However the evidence seems to contradict this version of events. The calls were made on a large scale, in key electoral ridings where the conservatives went on to win by a very small margin. This takes organization and funds.

I have read that some of the call centers that made these calls were in the US, and were the same call centers used by Republican candidates there.

I would really like to know who organized this disruption of the Canadian elections and who paid for it. I’m not sure Elections Canada is in the best position to uncover all the facts and would urge my MP Isabelle Morin to push for a Public Enquiry into this issue.

If what we read is true, we are talking about systematic and illegal sabotage of the democratic system in this country.

We need to have confidence in our electoral system and right now, that confidence needs to be restored by a public enquiry.

Katherine Massam, Lachine

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