Courtesy – LaSalle Junior LaSalle Junior students and staff at their Be Kind assembly

LaSalle Junior students and staff pick one day a month to meet for their Be Kind assembly. The entire school displays their pink t-shirts and attempt to put kindness into action in an effort to foster good citizenship and a better environment.

« Everyone comes together to recognize, through song, art, sharing stories, how we can all become better people by being kind. From students helping their classmates with homework to recycling and composting, we explore how positive actions lead to positive results, « explained Principal Diana Martire.

She believes that the monthly events are having an effect. Schoolyard issues and arguments are declining and more emphasis has been placed on conflict resolution and compromise. In fact, she has noticed how excited the students become as they share the acts they done for others and the helpfulness they have received.

The first assembly of 2018 started with the students singing along to Don’t laugh at me which highlights respect and acceptance, and ended with a challenge for the students to say at least two kind words or statements during the day.

They wasted no time, as moments after the end the students were complimenting each other, thanking their teachers, offering congratulations about good deeds and setting the tone for the coming year.

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