Messager LaSalle/Domenic Fazioli A job recruitment event takes place Wednesday September 19 at St-John Brebeuf Church in LaSalle

With an unemployment rate in Montreal set at 6.2 per cent in July, many enterprises are looking for workforce. It is the case for United Parcel Service (UPS) that will be recruiting for many full-time available positions at its Lachine warehouse. The courier company will hold a blitz next week at St-John Brebeuf Church, in LaSalle.

UPS Canada recently expanded its west-end plant.  It’s now in need of extra personnel. There are more than 30 positions up for grabs.

« We are looking for baggage handlers, drivers and customer service agents, » says UPS Canada Human Resources specialist Sarah El Akkad. « The need is great. We are actually hiring every week. »

Candidates attending the event are asked to bring a C.V.  Two recruiters from UPS Canada are expected to be present.

The recruitment drive is part of an event organized by the LaSalle Multicultural Resource Centre (LMRC). The non-profit organization is also expected to offer writing tips to job-seekers.

« We want to help them make their C.V. a little more effective, » says Auvril Edwards, Program Coordinator at LMRC.

The event takes place from 6-8pm at St-John Brébeuf Church on Wednesday, September 19. The church is located at 777 George Street in LaSalle.

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