Messager LaSalle/Domenic Fazioli Joey Cuscuna is putting together a haunted house fundraiser on Halloween night at his Pilon St. home.

Joey Cuscuna is ready to give his neighbours a good scare on Halloween night. He’s converting the backyard of his Pilon Street home into a haunted house.  This LaSalle resident hopes those attending will also give something back – a donation for charity.

Cuscuna is aiming to raise more than $2,000 for Autism Speaks Canada, a group that supports children living with autism. The 33-year-old believes this is a fun way to get into the spirit of the season while giving back.

« It’s open to everyone. We’re encouraging people who plan to visit to bring some loose change. Maybe even a few dollars. This is a great way to help a good cause, » says the LaSalle resident.

This is the second time Cuscuna has put together his haunted house fundraiser. Last year, he and his family raised more than $350 for another group that supports people affected by autism.

« I take pride in being a mentor for young children. It’s a great feeling but this is more than a fundraiser. It’s an opportunity for neighbours to get together, » says Cuscuna.

Inspired by horror movies, Cuscuna says his spooky backyard will feature characters from Harry Potter, Hocus Pocus and It. He’s been working on the project since the start of the month and promises many surprises – including free popcorn.

« I love this street. Halloween night is more than trick or treating here. It’s a party. Last year, neighbours brought out wine and pizza, » he says.

Festivities are scheduled to begin at 5pm at 564, Pilon St.

For more info: Facebook/pilonhauntedhouse


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