The theme was Around the World – and students from St. Lawrence Academy in LaSalle took it to heart as they led visitors on a global tour through their annual art show.

The school gymnasium was filled to the brim with student-created artworks, including a papier- mache igloo, quilted folk art, masks and figures inspired by African cave drawings, Japanese dragons, US-flags and Canadian maple leafs , Indian henna patterns, Chinese lanterns, Greek urns, Mexican sombreros as well as painted furniture and cushions.

A group of volunteer students – Bryana Bertrand, Christiana Edward, Marcus Cassell, Makesha Walker, Sarai Frederick , Dawn Ramus and Samaah Khan – most of whom are part of the leadership group at the school, were busy with last-minute preparations as visitors began to come into the gym.

“I like being part of the leadership group – we can be role models for the other students,” said Dawn, noting that as well as volunteering, their artwork was on display.

“I really like art and drawing classes,” said Samaah, a grade 6 student.

The bilingual exhibition – there was even multilingual peace rock garden – was a popular with students and visitors alike.

“We hear about what our kids are doing all year long and now we get to see their wonderful artwork first-hand,” said Doris Walker who along with husband, Mike, looked over the artworks created by their daughter, Olena , in grade 1, and son, Joey, a kindergarten student.

“I’m very impressed,” she added.

Elsewhere, families and friends looked over drawings, mobiles, sculptures and more, all created by student inspiration, with a guiding hand from their teachers.

“It’s so much fun to teach these children, especially when I see how proud they are of their work,” said Tara Prokosh, art teacher to Kindergarten and grades 1 and 2 students.

“And I’m very proud of them all.”

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