Collaboration spéciale/Facebook Bono et ses collègues de U2 étaient de passage, la semaine dernière, sur la Main, dans le cadre du Festival Mural.

Le groupe U2 était de passage au festival Mural, du boulevard Saint-Laurent, la semaine dernière et le leader de la formation musicale, Bono, en a profité pour faire un tour au restaurant Buonanotte, établissement qu’il avait visité, il y a 23 ans déjà.

Le propriétaire du commerce, Massimo Lecas, a partagé cette tranche de vie sur Instagram.

Father's Day just got a little better. So here goes a good story: March of '92 I get a phone call on a Sunday night and at 27 years old I was little cockier, so I get a call telling me there's a fm famous person that would like tonight and they need a private room and I'm telling this person we don't have a private room and if he wants to come he can come or else it'll be for another time. The man puts me on hold and I'm thinking, wow this guy has balls and I'm thinking let me hang up. He I picks up the phone and says: fine we'll come! I head over to the restaurant and we're there waiting and wondering who the heck is this famous person. Now back in 92 Bono and his mates were still young lads who were looking for a good time. Well you had to see my mouth when out of an white Econovan comes Bono out with a Heineken in his hand! Everyone ran in the kitchen and just hid from being star struck. Well why we were serving them and the restaurant was slowly filling itself to capacity all I kept on saying is please no pictures, no autographs, no nothing… Oddly enough I had a: "act like you belong attitude" and just thought were cool like dat and we don't ask for anything. So my chef at the time, Matteo knew they couldn't let them leave without a memento of the evening and he decided and came up with the idea of having them sign the plate in which they ate in. Yes, this is how it all started! Well, now it's 23 years later and they come back totally unexpected without much fanfare and remember the events of 23 years ago to a tee and seeing Bono point out his plate to his guests was a really cool moment for me. In the pic you have the before and after plate, my kitchen staff and my partners and I . Btw when Bono is on stage and says he loves MTL…. He really does he's been here 12 days and his last concert was on Wednesday. #u2 #bono #ourfirsteverplate #24yearslater #buonanotte #tantaroba #sunday #montreal #lamain #fathersday #lifeisgoodbro #picstitch

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«(…)En mars 1992, je reçois un appel pour me dire qu’une personne célèbre aimerait venir dans mon restaurant, mais qu’elle a besoin d’une salle privée. Je réponds que nous n’avons de tel espace et que si elle veut venir, elle peut venir. La personne me met en attendte et me dit: « d’accord, nous allons venir ». Je me rends alors au restaurant pour voir qui est cette personne célèbre. (…) Il fallait voir ma tête lorsque j’ai vu Bono sortir d’une fourgonnette, une bière à la main. (…)Mon chef de l’époque, Matteo, savait qu’il ne pouvait les laisser partir sans un souvenir de leur passage. Il a donc proposé que les membres du groupe signent l’assiette dans laquelle ils avaient mangé. Hey bien, 23 ans plus tard, ils sont revenus de façon inattendue et se rappellent les détails de cette soirée. Voir Bono pointer l’assiette signée a été un moment très cool pour moi. (…)»


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