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November 14 marked 30 years of traveling all over the world for Air Transat. To celebrate this milestone anniversary, the Montreal-based carrier is expanding its service offer. The fleet will also undergo a major transition and re-branding.

The new look was introduced in the airline’s Montreal hangar, a touch to mark the inaugural flight to Acapulco. Planes will have a white fuselage with their name in blue on sides and on the underbelly, as well as a gradient light blue tail with the Air Transat star logo. The design even includes a grey band to honor their original color scheme from 30 years ago.

The company believes the growth of their transatlantic and southern destinations from 21 Canadian airports is due to their focus on leisure travel. Unlike other airlines, Transat has followed its own path and became a tour operator that owns an airline, hotels and a wide distribution network.

« Our services continue to evolve to meet the expectations of travelers today and in the future. We have plenty of innovations coming up, including the new hotel division that we are about to create, » explained President and Chief Executive Officer of Transat, Jean-Marc Eustache.

Relinquishing business travel, they are building a company through additions like branded all-inclusive destination hotels to offer complete packages to their customers. Transat hopes to have 5000 rooms available in Mexico and the Caribbean by 2025.

Efforts rewarded

The efforts Transat makes to distinguish itself are the reason for the evolution the company has undergone. The next step is the retirement of their Airbus A310s fleet and the introduction of the new A321LR airplanes. Though the seating remains about the same by accommodating up to 240 seats, the newer jets have a better layout and are much more comfortable.

The roll out of the new look will be done strategically by taking advantage of the maintenance lifecycle of the aircraft. Every five years, planes need a thorough check and as such, Transat will replace the livery at the same time.

Transat remains concentrated on the company’s promise « to brighten the everyday with the joy of vacations » and view the millions they have invested in new aircraft and expanded services will keep that promise. The new look was unveiled at Air Transat’s facilities and was attended by 375 partners and guests.


Innovation and savvy equal longevity

In December 1986, François Legault, Jean-Marc Eustache and Philippe Sureau founded Air Transat. The first official flight took place on November 14, 1987, connecting Montreal to Acapulco. Six years later, Transat took over Nationair’s maintenance base and aircraft. Legault sold his shares in 1997. The company steadily wins awards and has become Canada’s third largest airline.

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