Vanier College announced that it officially launched VTV (Vanier Television) on August 25. VTV is Vanier College’s online television network that will produce both live and pre-recorded content that will broadcast over the Internet.

“VTV is going to be another medium to showcase the enormous talent of the Vanier Community both internally and externally. By also allowing students to broadcast their own work and produce videos I feel that VTV offers a unique approach to college television and will prove to be an asset in terms of how we can market Vanier College in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and the rest of the world,” said Darren Becker, Director of Vanier Communications and Corporate Affairs.

VTV’s primary purpose is to produce and disseminate video content relevant to the Vanier College community. VTV will distribute in-house, collaborative and student work through its internet-based distribution network.

This includes Vanier College students, faculty and staff proposing project ideas and helping in the production process.

VTV will also be able to Livestream major events taking place on campus. Students can watch in real-time on their computers and smart-phones.

Other content include community events, departmental profiles, pedagogical materials, award ceremonies, news stories and creative films.

“I have always said that communications is one of my top priorities so I fully endorse the launching of VTV. I feel it will prove to be an important communications tool by keeping the Vanier community informed of the extensive activities, events and services within the college while also providing a voice for Vanier students, faculty and staff,” said Normand W. Bernier, Director General of Vanier College.

VTV’s website :

(SOURCE : Vanier College)

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