That always fun and enjoyable fundraiser bingo held at Riverview School is coming up again, and it’s this Saturday, May 5th at 7 pm with some great prizes just in time for the summer season. There will be two full card bingo games where players will have a chance at winning a kids’ bike and a brand new BBQ.

There will be also many prizes which will be useful for the summer season, many of which I wouldn’t mind winning myself. As usual, there will be a half and half raffle where you could win some cool cash also in time for the upcoming long weekend, and refreshments will also be available.

Admission is $10.00 is advance and can be purchased at the school and cost is $12.00 at the door Doors open at 6 pm with everything getting underway at 7 pm, so see you all the Riverview bingo. Riverview is located at 971 Riverview Avenue. Everyone is welcome.

Music Monday

The following Monday is the first Monday of May, and we all know what that means for Verdun Elementary and music teacher Miss Jennifer. It’s Music Monday as schools across Canada perform the same song at the same time in their local times. They will be singing that wonderful song from last year, “Tomorrow is Coming.” The chosen theme song changes every two years. So see you on Music Monday at the VE school yard at the corner of Melrose and Verdun Avenue at 1 pm on Monday, May 7th .

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