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I noticed you before I noticed your tag…

I don't know if you read the Metro, much less the Metro Flirt section, but I'd like to see you again. Friday morning, around 7:30-7:45, we were both on the Orange line towards Montmorency. You were wearing a white shirt with jeans ripped at the knees. It looked like you might have a tattoo on your foot, but I couldn't tell for sure. I was wearing a black shirt with blue jeans. You were getting off at Lucien-L'Allier and I noticed you had a tag attached to the back of your shirt so I tapped you on the shoulder to point it out. I had sat down beside you because I thought you had a cute smile and I just wanted to say that I noticed the tag only after I noticed how attractive you are. If you weren't getting off the metro I would have wanted to chat with you. Hopefully you see this message and we can grab a bite or a drink together. If you're interested, send me a message:
Tagged, 7 octobre 2016

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