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The ackward yet charming chase out of Guy-Concordia on wednesday early PM.

On the green line toward Angrignon, wednesday the 5th of February, around 1:30pm. I caught you looking toward me somewhere near Papineau I think, and a few times after (I know I looked a few time at you). I got down at Guy-Concordia and looked behind me, curious to see if you would get out at this station too and it so happened that you were right behind me. I tried to smile, but it might have been ackward... Anyway, we crossed path multiple time while getting out the underground and I swear I wasn't trying to follow you (I was curious, but I had my destination clear in mind). We went separate ways outside, on the corner of Maisonneuve and Mackay. It was too charming of a situation not to write something here. I'm not looking for anything in particular, just curious to see where this little chase could go. If you are as curious as me, write me. I'll need a password though, and that'll be the colour of the coat you were wearing or if you remember any other detail about me. P.S. For the records, I won the "imaginary" race up the stairs where you took the escalator and me the traditional stairs ;p
The girl with the blacl military trenchcoat & navy blue tuque, 5 février 2014

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