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Sunday 15 of June blue honda 4 doors next to petro-canada on l’acadie sauve…around 5:00 pm

I was in a green mustang going towards cote-vertu coming from sauve... I stopped at the red light I was in the passenger seat, your car passed right next to me your were driving and there was another girl on the passenger side next to you were passing u look at me as if you saw a ghost lol what was that about...I was wearing a yellow Brazilian jacket and a white hat, u had long curly black hair, gorgeous eyes. when the light turned green I looked at you again and it's like you wanted to smile at me but you didn't,we continued straight, but you turned right on l'acadie. I then put my arm out of the window and sent you a peace are either Lebanese or Brazilian, I just wanted to take a shot to see if you would get that message, if it's meant to be I would like to get to know you better, if not then sorry for the
Lelo, 30 juin 2014

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