Saint-Laurent: Pieces of a natural puzzle

Saint-Laurent: Pieces of a natural puzzle
Photo: Archives - TC MediaThe five poles of the Bertrand Creek concept plan include l’Île aux Chats, des Sources, de Liesse, Saraguay and Marcel Laurin.


The 10 hectares of land that the Technoparc will donate to the city of Montreal in the coming months is the first step in a much larger, long-awaited project: the parc-nature des Sources and the Bertrand Creek eco territory.

The concept plan for the Bertrand Creek watershed seeks to support five poles of biodiversity, including Montreal’s eleventh and most recent nature park, future parc-nature des Sources.

“These are the headwaters of it,” explained Saint-Laurent Mayor, Alan DeSousa. “It’s an interrelated concept to make sure that the different marshlands and wetlands are interconnected to the extent that we are able, and are kept vibrant.”

In 2004, the City of Montreal released the policy on protection of natural habitats, seeking to protect 8 per cent of the city’s natural spaces. At the time, only 3 per cent were protected, by 2012 that number reached 5.4 per cent.

“When I was elected mayor in 2001, Saint-Laurent was virtually all developed and there were very little natural spaces left,” explained DeSousa.

A 26-hectare piece of land is expected be leased for the parc-nature des Sources from Aéroports de Montreal for 20 years at $1 per year, though the lease has not been signed.

“We are working to be proud of the creek, to work to protect it in terms of its ecosystems that are dependent on it,” said DeSousa.

A $10.5-million investment ongoing from the City of Montreal in the Bertrand creek to provide water upstream and support various ecosystems.


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