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Smart lights for Dorval nights

Smart lights for Dorval nights
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City of Dorval has begun this week implementation of a smart urban lighting system. Over three years, the street lighting will undergo significant improvements including conversion to LED for the 2,673 streetlights, real-time network management and smart poles with variable message screens.

Energy efficient and longer lasting, the city is on track to save $134,000 per year in energy costs and up to $77,000 on maintenance costs.

The addition of a public-lighting smart control system will allow for the public works to operate real-time management of street lights and adjust them to specific needs: lower brightness in residential areas and brighter in parks for example.

The final step will be the implantation of three dozen modern light poles. Scheduled in 2019, these decorative streetlights will be equipped with smart poles and variable message screens. The poles offer many options that Dorval will be able to choose, including broadband internet to modular pieces and motion detection.

Energere, a company specialized in smart street lighting is in charge of the $3.5 M project.

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