Lachine & Dorval

Perspective the « Dorval Way »

Le maire de Dorval, Edgar Rouleau. Photo: Messager Lachine & Dorval - Éric Martel


Dorval mayor Edgar Rouleau has several projects he would like to come to fruition before his fourth mandate is up. He would like to leave a legacy that befits his beloved Dorval, and it is those grander visions that he and the council are working on that keeps him going.

Inspired by a trip to Myrtle Beach, he would like to build a park for people with reduced mobility, accessible for all but adapted for those with special needs. A retirement community home on Dorval Avenue is also on his wish list. The continued reinvention of Lakeshore Drive is a priority as well.

« We have some consultants looking at different ideas for the area between Dorval Avenue and Lachine. We want to change the look, make something unique to Dorval. Maybe put the electric wires underground. We are planning to start in June, but we will see, » he says.

His mind may be preoccupied with the big ideas, but he understands the day-to-day operations still need to be accomplished, like roads maintained and pools upgraded. He approaches these issues with what he calls « the Dorval way » – well planned and organized.

Unresolved issues

Though Mayor Rouleau considers 2017 to have been a great year, he knows that he will face ongoing pressure for more green space and a better Dorval. The undecided fate of the McConnell woods property being one point. He is satisfied with the efforts made by the council, and is melancholy about the lost opportunities.

« I would have loved to see a 6-7 story retirement home go there, right in the middle. People could have still visited and the trees would remain, but there is no way people would allow a change in zoning, » he says.

The Pointe Picard and Elizabeth Russel lands are also up in the air for now, but they are active files and all avenues are being explored. « I see 2018 as a year of planning, with action starting later in the year and into the next, » he says.

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