Kelly-Anne Drummond’s killer may get parole

Kelly-Anne Drummond’s killer may get parole

Doreen Haddad is a mother in agony. She has spent the last 13 years trying to deal with the murder of her daughter Kelly-Anne Drummond. Now, she is preparing for the possible release of her daughter’s killer from prison.

In three weeks, Martin Morin Cousineau will make a request for parole. The hearing will take place at the Cowansville Detention Centre in Quebec’s Eastern Townships where he is currently serving his life sentence.  Haddad believes Morin Cousineau is not ready to be released.

« He hasn’t changed his ways or his attitude. He hasn’t once tried to call me to apologize for what he’s done, » the 63-year-old Dorval resident says.

Stabbed in the neck

The 24-year-old daycare educator was stabbed to death by her boyfriend in their Pierrefonds home on October 3, 2004. The knife was lodged in Drummond’s neck and severed a main artery.

Drummond and Morin Cousineau had moved in together less than two months before the tragedy. After a lengthy court trial, Morin Cousineau was found guilty of second degree murder. His parole eligibility was set at 13 years.

« I am worried for our safety and for our community. I’m also worried about a young woman meeting him. I would feel very guilty and very sad if I know he hurt somebody else, » Haddad says holding back tears.

Second parole hearing

This will be Morin Cousineau’s second parole hearing.  He made a request for day parole in November 2014 and it was turned down.  The Parole Board of Canada (PBC) had serious concerns about his progress while behind bars.

« The Board is of the opinion that you remain an unacceptable risk for society, » the decision read.  « You are still in denial about the official version of the events and you still believe that you are the victim of the criminal justice system. »

During the September 4 hearing, the PBC will again evaluate the now 44-year-old’s risk of reoffending.

Morin Cousineau is asking for day parole, which could allow him to take part in community-based activities under special conditions.  At night, he must return to a halfway house. Full parole normally follows successful completion of day parole. At that point, offenders would be allowed to reside in a private residence.

Haddad says she will not attend the upcoming hearing. She has already submitted a written victim impact statement. Haddad has also asked the Board to impose several restrictions that Morin Cousineau must follow if day and/or full parole are granted.

Of note, she wants him to be banned from residing on the West Island. « Kelly-Anne had a lot of friends who still live here.  He will not be welcome, » she says.

She hopes the PBC will make the right call.

Kelly-Anne Drummond Cup

For the 13th consecutive year, a fundraiser rugby match between Concordia and McGill Universities will be played September 16 at the Loyola Campus football field on Sherbrooke St. West, in honour of Kelly-Anne Drummond. She was a member of the Concordia Stingers rugby team from 1999 to 2001.

Proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to Women Aware shelter that supports victims of domestic violence.

Ticket info:


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