Hockey Heaven at the Dorval Museum

Hockey Heaven at the Dorval Museum
Photo: Messager Lachine Dorval/Domenic Fazioli

If you’re a fan of hockey and hockey memorabilia, the Dorval Museum of Local History and Heritage has a new « must see » exhibit.  It’s called Hockey Cup History and it opened to the public last week.

The exhibit is showcasing more than 50 rare artifacts from the game, everything from old  hockey cards, skates dating back to the 1910’s, a « pretzel-style » goalie mask worn in the 1960’s and a vintage metal cup protector. The skates and mask were donated by Dorval residents.

A number of pieces related to Montreal Canadiens great Maurice « The Rocket » Richard are also on display.

« We have Richard’s first ever professional contract.  It’s interesting to see just how much one of the game’s great players made back then, » says Sara Giguère, Leisure and Culture Officer with the City of Dorval.

A replica of Richard’s 1959 Stanley Cup ring and the Joe Cattarinch Trophy, awarded to Richard  as Canadian Sportsperson of the Year in 1943-44, are also part of the exhibit.

Photographs, newspaper articles and jersey patches from Dorval hockey and ringette teams from the 1960’s can also be viewed by the public.

« Admission is free so we’re anticipating a large amount of people will come to Dorval for this. It’s worth the trip, » says Giguère.

The exhibit is open four days a week, from Thursday to Sunday, and it runs until April.

The Dorval Museum of Local History and Heritage is located at 1850 Lakeshore Boulevard.

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