Heartwarming fundraiser at Dorval Elementary

Heartwarming fundraiser at Dorval Elementary
Photo by: Messager Lachine-Dorval/Domenic Fazioli

Students at Dorval Elementary raised $340 for a good cause last month.  They sold handmade bracelets for the West Island Multiple Sclerosis Self-Help Group, an organization that supports Montrealers living with the autoimmune disease of the central nervous system.

It required weeks of hard work.  Beginning in October, a group of Grade 6 students produced the cloth bracelets at home and then sold them for a dollar apiece at the school’s Fall Fair on November 17.  The students sold 250 wristbands.  The remaining $90 was collected from generous donors in the community.

« It’s simply amazing. The students took it upon themselves to do this and they succeeded, » says Rosa Gatto, daycare coordinator at Dorval Elementary.


The students who took part in the effort are Eva Perrazzino, Skylar Florack-Boudreau, Eva Neilson, Melina Mercuri and Emma Henker.  Perrazzino and Florack-Boudreau have loved ones who suffer from or have died from MS.

« It’s incredible. This effort has motivated other students into action. There’s talk of organizing another fundraiser for another cause, » says Gatto.

Last year, students at Dorval Elementary sold homemade bracelets and donated $172 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.


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