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Victoria and 25th Avenue: Fresh zoning might lead to fresh coffee

Victoria and 25th Avenue: Fresh zoning might lead to fresh coffee
Photo: FELIX O.J. FOURNIER/TC MediaA project, that has not been finalized, could bring Lachine residents a new Tim Horton's depanneur and a service station.

Lachine may be getting a new Tim Horton’s as part of the first project to be adopted by the borough thanks to the amendment of a zoning by-law.

“There is a project that would be a service station, dépanneur, and, maybe I shouldn’t say it, but a Tim Hortons,” said Mayor Claude Dauphin at town council Monday. “The dossier is going ahead well, and this is a step, tonight,” he said.

Currently, by-law 2710 states that gas stations, service stations and car washes must be at least 800 metres apart. The amendment would mean that two service stations could be less than 800 metres apart, provided they are not in the same commercial zone. There are 13 commercial zones in Lachine that can accommodate a service or gas station.

The project, that has not been finalised yet, would be about 500m from a Petro-Canada station, at the intersection of 25th Ave. and Rue Victoria. The amendment was analysed by the borough after receiving a request from the applicant, according to Serge Simard, a spokesperson for the city.

The borough supported the amendment for four reasons: they would retain control of the multiplication of service stations on the territory, Victoria Ave. has become a major transit artery since extending east of George V. Ave., adding a service station is part of continuing business development in the area and that the ratio of service stations-to-square-kilometre would remain less than neighbouring boroughs.

Lachine currently has five service stations and two Tim Hortons coffee shops.

A public consultation was held on the zoning change before council Monday night that no residents attended. A registry opposing the change can be opened within 45 days of adopting the amendment. At this time, no registry has been opened.


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