There’ll be ollies, sliding and grinding at the annual Dorval Skatefest on Saturday, and, for the first time, mountain bikes will get to be in on the fun with Dorval’s new Surrey Trail.

Every year all ages come out with their skateboards, BMX bikes and rollerblades to compete for fun and prizes in front of an audience of about 500 for the fest at the Surrey Skate Park on Parkfield Ave. DJs, a barbecue and registration are all free of charge with one caveat—all participants need to wear a helmet.

After the City of Dorval opened the new Surrey Trail—a 100-metre bike course—in June, the Skatefest will be holding time trials for mountain and BMX bikers.

“It’s more for people who don’t do tricks and are scared about going on the ramps, said organiser David Lebrasseur. “The trail is really about speed and control—it’s not about doing flashy things.”

Pros being pals

There are always pro boarders and bikers who turn out for the events, something Lebrasseur, who has run the event for seven years, said is part of the community-building aspect.

“Since you have a lot of pros there, they often show the younger kids new tricks and help each other out.”

Over time, Lebrasseur has seen the festival go from being more underground, with 20 teams in a parking lot, to a fun afternoon that spans all ages. Events often get divided into beginner and pro competitions to level the playing field.

“[When it started] parents looked at it in a negative way, it was stigmatized. Now it’s almost a community event. It’s so cool, you see moms out with their strollers, grandparents, over time it really became a multi-generational event,” explained Lebrasseur.

One of Lebrasseur’s favourite memories of the festival is of two four-year-olds competing against each other on rollerblades.

“Even if someone has never skated a day in their life, they can come to this event,” said Labrasseur. “If you don’t know how to skate, someone there is going to teach you.”

The Dorval Skatefest is at Surrey Skate Park, 1945 Parkfield Ave., on Saturday, Sept. 10 from 2 to 10 p.m. (in case of rain event will be on Sunday).



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