The City of Montreal is building a bike path and upgrading the roads and lighting on Cardinal Avenue, between Albert-de-Niverville and des Sources boulevards. The new phase started on July 27.

Phase three of street work will be starting on Cardinal Avenue between Clément Avenue and Neptune Boulevard. Until mid-August, there will be traffic disruptions from 7 am to 7pm daily throughout the week and a possibility of work on Saturday from 9 am to 7 pm.

Safety first
On-site flaggers will help navigate Cardinal Avenue between Clement Avenue and Neptune Boulevard and drivers will be asked to reduce speed in work areas and eastbound drivers being asked to detour via Neptune, Parkfield, and Clément.

There will also be a police presence during the evening rush hour to help the flow of traffic and the safety of pedestrians. Please note that some bus routes and schedules may change during the work period.

Though homes and businesses will remain open and accessible, there will be parking restrictions and pedestrians will need to walk on the north sidewalk on Cardinal.

Note that some work will continue on the bike path towards Albert-de-Niverville, but will not affect traffic in the sector.

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