Courtesy - Ville de Saint Laurent Takes a team to keep clean

Saint-Laurent wants to be an example of an environment friendly borough.  It took another step with recognition from the provincial government’s Ici on recyle! program. Due to the collective efforts of the staff, the borough’s city hall has earned a Level 3 Gold Certificate of performance. From less paper used to better recycling practices and organic waste management, the actions taken have had a positive effect on the environment and on the people working there.

The journey to this recognition started in 2011 when the borough signed up for the program based on a three level system.  Level one is commitment to the program, followed by implementation and onto level three, performance. Level 3 is broken down into bronze, silver and gold certificates based on recycling totals.

After review, the hall was given level 3 right from the start. The procedures already in place met all the conditions, including the recycling bins than confirmed that over 70% of materials were being recovered.

The hall continued to implement more detailed measures, and in the years that followed they would climb up the level 3 certificates, hitting Bronze in 2014 and this year reaching Gold, meaning more than 90% of all waste materials were being recovered. The Gold rating was won by adding composting.

Great to be Gold

Efforts by industrial firms, commercial establishments and institutions like the hall are welcomed and encouraged by Recyc-Québec. Dany Michaud, President and chief executive officer believes that in the struggle against climate change, it will take dedication and leadership to ensure the protection of our environment.

« We hope this inspires other municipalities in Quebec to follow in their footsteps, » he says.

Presented October 23, during Quebec Waste Reduction Week, the staff was proud of their accomplishment. « I have personally adopted measures like no paper handouts in meetings, using Smart TVs at meetings and I have my own coffee mug. It’s a collective effort where we all do what we can, » explained Macarena Lobos from the communications department.

Complete sustainability might be difficult to achieve, but the staff are committed to do their best.

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