Saint-Laurent’s elected met on November 6 in front of fifteen citizens for the monthly borough’s council.

Your licence please

In collaboration with the City of Montreal police service, the council voted for a bylaw aiming to stop once and for all illicit activities in bawdyhouse that pretend to be massage therapy center.

After police intervention, four people were arrested in a massage parlour that was a front for prostitution. It happened on may 15. The council decided to take action. In order to avoid the opening of that type of establishment, it is now mandatory to be part of a professional association to work in a massage parlour.

Excuse me sir, where is the closest oak tree?

You want to know where to find an apple tree in Saint-Laurent? This dream is about to come true, now that a $32 000 contract was given to the Cansel firm.

This amount will be used to get two GPS devises. They will be tools to do the inventory of Saint-Laurent’s tree heritage. The trees will be classified by age, species and health on a map available to the public.

Flowers and a movie

The council said yes to a contract of almost $40 000 with Solotech. This amount will be used to buy audiovisual equipment for the Bibliothèque du Boisé

Also, the purchase and delivery of flowers will cost about $40 000 to the population of SaintLaurent in 2013. Les jardins W.G. Charlebois got the contract.

Investments in Hodge-Place-Benoit

Le Comité des organismes sociaux de SaintLaurent (COSSL) continues to work on Integrated Urban Revitalization (RUI) in HodgePlace-Benoit. They will get 56 250$ in financial support.

Also, the council is giving autorisation to fifteen teenagers to use the shed located at 240 place Benoit, to do public art. This RUI’s initiative will allow those teens to collaborate on the same artistic project.

Change of date

The borough council, always held on the first Tuesday of every month, will be held on January 8 and not on January 1 th as planned. This decision will allow the public officials and citizens to enjoy New Year Eve with their family and loved ones.

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