The works of long-time Dorval painter, Dianne Brazeau, will be on display at the Dorval Municipal library in September. The exhibition is part of a monthly initiative from the library that displays the works of local painter at the Dorval Artist’s Association.

Brazeau first started painting for pleasure with the association 25 years ago. « It brings peace to my mind and my soul, » said Brazeau, who served as president of the association for 12 years and is currently the treasurer.

« I’ve always loved art and when you paint it’s so peaceful. It just takes you away someplace else, to another world, » said Brazeau, who also enjoys painting with the other 123 members.

Though she is humble about her painting. « I don’t consider myself an artist. I think a real artist is someone who lives by their art . . . I have another career, » said Brazeau.

The Dorval resident has worked in a flower shop for the last 10 years, a job that surrounds her, literally, with inspiration. She spends a lot of time with the flowers, cutting, cleaning and caring for them. « [They’re] imbedded in my mind . . . I see their beauty. During the winter I get to enjoy them, and even though I stand for nine hours a day, the beauty of the flowers just surpasses that. »

The artist loves to paint outdoors, especially near water. « The sound of water just invigorates me. » Though she has a special place in her art for trees. « Trees are magical. » Her favourite type of tree to paint is birch. Her preference is painting outside, but when it’s cold out, Brazeau can paint completely from memory.

Dianne Brazeau’s works will be displayed at the Dorval Municipal Library, 1401 Lakeshore Drive, until Oct. 3.



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