How An NDG Family Made a Green Renovation Simple and Stylish

Photo: Photo Courtesy

This kitchen is found in a Monkland Village cottage that was renovated for a family of four. The mandate was to preserve the charm of the house while modernizing it with green materials. The occupants are environmentally conscious and one family member experiences respiratory issues. This meant lowering the off-gassing from new materials was the important factor. The family is from abroad where eco- renovation is more popular. What did we do to keep it all green?

Paint – Every paint company now offers a low VOC option in latex finishes. This is an easy way to lower off-gassing.

Cabinets – The cabinetry was custom made. This allowed us to specify that the cabinets be built in Formaldehyde and Urea Free board (major players in off-gassing). The flat doors were then sprayed with low VOC latex in White and Yellow, chosen to remind the owner of the kitchen she grew up in.

How An NDG Family Made a Green Renovation Simple and StylishCountertops – The perimeter counter is a product called “IceStone” made with recycled glass and concrete in an environmentally friendly process. The product was purchased in Montreal from a plateau located supplier and installer.

Backsplash – These tiles are recycled glass and were sourced from New York. Many tiles today are made far away (by un-monitored manufacturers) but there are excellent local tile makers. Keeping materials you source from close to home is a great way to lower your carbon footprint.

Floor – The Porcelain 12×24 tiles on the floor were chosen for their natural aesthetic and the fact that they contained a large percentage of recycled matter.

Barn – A great option for local material re-use that lends warmth and charm.

Before you get started on your next project, you should consider the green options that have become more available to us all. A professional designer can help you navigate the details.