Haïti sur Twitter

Rédaction - Metro World News

Coup d’oeil sur Twitter pour une sélection de témoignages sur la situation à Haïti.

@fredodupoux, Frederic Dupoux, photographe:
just got back from the grand rue. the LA search and rescue team saved a 18yo girl from the rubbles.

@andersoncooper, Anderson Cooper, journaliste à CNN:
was at the st rose of lima school in leogan. They were searching for bodies of 100 plus kids in the rubble of the school…

@troylivesay, Troy Livesay, missionnaire basé à Haïti et blogueur:
Price gouging at the gas station near us – around 14 us for one gallon-ppl lined up for blocks on foot w/plastic bttles.

@Edpilkington, Ed Pilkington, du Guardian:
first sign of rebuilding in #Haiti – two men rebuilding a wall outside a factory

@MSF_USA, Médecins Sans Frontières, États-Unis:
We know that some of our Haitian staff did not survive the quake, remain concerned about others.

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