Cupcake Craze in LaSalle

Cupcake Craze in LaSalle
Photo by: Messager LaSalle/Domenic Fazioli

For years, friends have told Rachel Delli Quadri she had a hidden talent for cupcake decorating.  The 25-year-old loves to bring the small sugary treats to life with her dazzling designs.  This fall, Delli Quadri set about turning that passion into profit.

On most Sundays, the LaSalle resident opens up her home for cupcake decorating classes. For two hours, she teaches a group of about 10 people techniques on how to master buttercream, fondant, modeling chocolate and icing.

« It’s open to everyone. Men too. It’s a fun class. It’s a blast, » says Delli Quadri.

The workshop begins with a brief 30 minute introduction to the different tools used for decorating. Then, the students sit around a long table in Delli Quadri’s living room and they begin creating their own tasty designs.

« I do my presentations in both English and French. I cater to everyone, » she says.

Open to everyone

The classes attract both the cooking pros and rookies like Karine Perreault.  She says she signed up because she wanted to take part in a unique « experience ».

« You can go on YouTube and learn by video, but it’s not that straightforward.  And you won’t have the same fun.  Here it’s calm and relaxing. This is the kind of thing you want to do with friends on a Sunday afternoon, » says Perreault.

Rebecca Freedman says cupcake decorating has been on her « cooking bucket list » for years.  She adds learning is much easier in a smaller setting.

« Most courses like this are held in an institution. I have learned a tremendous amount in a very short time here, » says Freedman.


Delli Quadri does not have formal baking or cooking training at a college or a trade school. For now, it remains a sideline to her other career but she admits that could quickly change.

« I would love to do this full-time. It’s growing very, very quickly. There’s a big demand for home-based cooking classes. Next year, I am thinking of offering donut-making or pasta-making classes, » she says.

Delli Quadri’s classes cost $40 per person.  At the end of the workshop, participants get to bring home six of their creations. There’s a waiting list for courses in January.

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