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The revision of the 1999 Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) has started and Eco-quartier LaSalle will be hosting an information session to help people learn how they can have their voices heard.

In collaboration with the Eco-district LaSalle, the presentation will be led by Sabrina Leclerc, a trainee at Breast Cancer Action Quebec whose mission is the prevention of disease and the elimination of toxic substances in our environment.

Every day the average Quebecer comes into contact with over 100 toxic substances through personal care products, and women are at even more danger of exposure. CEPA, the set of regulations that deal with toxic chemicals was written almost 20 years ago and has become an almost obsolete set of guidelines.

The public is welcome to attend on Thursday February 22, at 5:30 pm at the offices of Eco-quartier LaSalle, 55 Dupras Avenue.

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