Learning life lessons


The teachers at Saint-Laurent daycares Garderie Antonietta and Garderie E.T. decided to take their children’s education outside the classroom. With help from a retired colleague, they put together some projects under the banner of « Giving Back in 2017 ».

Author Catherine Gillespie helped develop ways to teach children about community service.

« We decided on three projects about the struggles some people face. To my pure joy and astonishment, they were hugely successful, » she said.

The first one was Chemo Kits for Kids, where care packages filled with warm caps, socks and blankets with funny pictures were sent to children suffering through cancer treatments.

The second project, a Thanksgiving food drive, collected three van loads of supplies for the needy.

And at Christmas, the daycare sponsored an at risk family. The caring gesture was topped off with the arrival of 5 year old student Gino who brought a turkey almost as big as he was.


During Teacher Appreciation Week, the two Saint-Laurent daycares had a luncheon to honor the organiser’s educational leadership.

« These 97 children will be the citizens of Saint-Laurent tomorrow, and I cannot thank you enough for the values you are instilling in them, » said City Councillor Francesco Miele at the event on Friday, February 9.

The daycares are run by a group as tight as a family, with some who have worked there for 20 years. Among the newer staff is Laura Pollice, who attended as a five year old, and has returned as a coach to help the kids prepare for their next stage, kindergarten.

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