New laser device at Vanier College in Saint-Laurent

New laser device at Vanier College in Saint-Laurent
Photo: Nouvelles Saint-Laurent/Domenic Fazioli

Vanier College student Hamid Nazari has a new tool to experiment with this year as part of his Industrial Electronics program.  It’s a high-performance, level-measuring laser device that is used by workers in the mining, oil and gas and power industries.

The LLT100 instrument is an industry standard.  For students, using it means one thing: real-world experience.

« It’s pretty significant to us. This device will help us a lot. I can now put this on my C.V.  I can actually find a lot of jobs with companies that use this device, » says the 23-year-old.

The LLT100 is a type of technology that helps measure bulk liquids stored in silo format. It can also measure distance.

« I am unaware of any other cegep utilizing a device like this one. It’s a first in Quebec, » says Industrial Electronics teacher Jason Duheme.

The laser transmitter was donated by ABB and Everest Automation, two companies with offices in Saint-Laurent.

« It’s in those companies’ best interest to do this. If they help train young talent, young people who have the ideas, they ultimately benefit from it, » says Saint-Laurent mayor Alan DeSousa.

Students will begin utilizing the new device later this month.

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