A final look at your Dorval Candidates

A final look at your Dorval Candidates
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Do not forget to vote on Sunday,  November 5. Polling stations will be open from 10 am to 8 pm.

To get you up to date on your choices for the coming municipal election – here is a brief overview of your candidates:

For Mayor of Dorval:

Marc Barrette 

Giovanni Baruffa 

Michel Fontaine

Mario Mammone

Edgar Rouleau (incumbent) – Action Dorval

District 1 – Désiré-Girouard
Robert Longtin, Independent.  Since 2008, he and his wife have lived and raised their three children in Dorval. He feels that, as an independent councilor, he can have a positive impact. He ensures that mutual goals and priorities are up for discussion and that he will maintain and even increase green spaces, harmonize new housing development and communicate to Council all concerns.

Mike Nizzola, Independent.  He is a married father of three who owns and operates two small businesses. He is a fixture at all city council meetings, participating actively during question period. His priorities will be to maintain and improve the quality of life for citizens by making urban planning, the environment, the Dorval Village and appropriate spending the foundation of all decision making. He wants to make citizens’ rights a priority over those of developers, contractors and special interest groups.

Paul Trudeau, Independent.  A resident of Dorval since 1980, he worked 40 years as a civil servant in the finance department until he retired to run for office. The father of two and recent grandfather wants to see more public parks and better management. If elected as Councilor, he will offer one third of his salary to organizations that serve the Dorval population.  He would choose among a list that Jane Rajca, Director of Dorval Community Aid, would recommend.

Claude Valiquet, Action Dorval. Dorval homeowner since 1989 and councilor since 2005, he has a thirty year experience in sales/marketing/business development. As Councilor, he was Chair of Dorval Traffic Committee, VP of the Museum, Board Member at Golf Dorval, member on Committees and non-profits. If elected, one of his upcoming mandates will be to work on the revitalization of Dorval Main streets  in order to attract new businesses and increase customer appeal.

District 2 – La Présentation
Pascal Brault, Independent. Family man, he is a father of three boys, a teacher at College Sainte-Anne and is involved in his community. Through direct contact and active listening to concerns and needs, he has drafted a 5 goal platform. Increased neighborhood safety, better planning of parks and green spaces, adapt recreational activities to the needs of the citizens, implement an active mobility plan and sound management of public finances ensuring a low tax rate and high quality of services.

Michel Hebert, Action Dorval. He has spent his entire life in Dorval. Retired from an international construction material distributor after 36 years, he has been an Action Dorval councillor for the last 12 years. He has also been president of Dorval Historical Society, vice-president of Golf Dorval and treasurer of the Dorval Museum, vice-president of  Maison Donalda-Boyer and member of the City employees advisory pension plan Committee. He wants to reduce municipal tax bill of average house by 2.5% in 2018 and maintain sound management of financial situation.

District 3 – Fénelon
Daniel Da Chao, Independant. He has worked diligently as a volunteer for 20 years and Councilor for 12. He qualifies himself as a person of integrity. He believes in accountability and fairness in his dealings with all citizens. Dorval should create job and business opportunities according to him, and subsidize major dwelling improvements, modernize the commercial sector, protect green spaces, and invest in making the community a better place to live, love and shop in.

Claudio Dilorenzo, Independant. A 25 year resident, he is an investment broker and banker who graduated from Concordia University. His priorities include revitalizing Dorval Avenue and the Lakeshore business area by dealing with abandoned buildings. He also wants to develop a better quality of life for young families and increase services and residences for seniors, have a better late night public security and re-launch neighborhood watch programs. Increase and conserve green spaces is also something he wants to do, along with finding solutions with Aéroport de Montréal  to eliminate late night/early morning plane departures and noise pollution.

Robert (Bob) Le Sage,  Action Dorval. A new member of Dorval Action Team, he is married and father of three and grandfather to four.  A Dorval resident for 51 years, he is retired from a national retail organisation after 37 years, having occupied several management positions including Store Manager in Dorval where customer service was his top priority.   His focus will be listening to the citizens and paying close attention to their needs and strive to improve public safety.

District 4 – Pine Beach
Gary Hastings, Independent. Born in Lachine, raised in Beaconsfield and resident of Dorval since 1989, he is a retired Sun Life IT Project Manager. A past vice president of the Club Dorval 55+ Voyageurs, president of the Dorval Bridge Club , member of the Dorval Geritol Club, he has a B.Sc. in Mathematics (University of Alberta) and a B.A. Honors in History (Concordia University). He thinks Dorval is a great place to live and wants to keep it that way.

Marc Doret, Action Dorval. A long-time resident of Dorval and living in the district with his wife and two university-aged daughters, he is serving under Action Dorval since 2009.  President of the Youth Advisory Committee and IT Committee member, he is also a member of the Board of Administration and Finance Committee at Golf Dorval. Proud of his achievements as President of the Parks Committee, he is working to develop the first fully handicapped accessible intergenerational park in Dorval.

District 5 – Strathmore
Antonella Rosa Mendicino, Independent. Excited to run in her first campaign for city council, she is currently employed in the insurance sector with a background in Art & Culture. Having worked in daycare, charities and senior care, she knows the value of quality programing for social and educational programs. She encourages the development of small businesses and keeping the streets clean, safe and well maintained. She looks forward to listening and meeting the community.

Christopher Von Roretz, Independent. Having enjoyed Dorval’s sense of community for most of his life, he has tried to contribute through getting personally involved for over two decades. Attending City Council meetings for several years, he saw how the role of Councilor offers another way to contribute, prompting him to run. Since 2015, he focused on being accessible and responsive to the citizens. If re-elected, it will be one of his priorities.

District 6 – Surrey
Jean-Francois Leroux, Independent. A resident of the Surrey District since spring 2006, he is the father of 2 boys. He holds a Bachelor’s degrees in Political Science and in Law from the Université du Québec à Montréal and practising law since 2003. He has been a member of several boards for non-profit in the greater West- Island. He stands for transparency, accountability and consistent presence in the district.

Murray Levine, Independent. This Dorval resident for 17 years has been a volunteer fundraising consultant/charity and human rights activist for 30 years. His has brought $170 million to charities. Nominated for $250,000 award for leadership in charity sector and for $100,000 award for innovation, he is a retired businessman and ultra-endurance athlete.  Dorval has employed several of Murray’s ideas to make roads safer and save taxpayers’ money.

Margot Heron, Action Dorval. Dorval Action Team member Margo Heron has been a City Councilor for Dorval North for 12 years. Mother of two adult children, she sits on Dorval’s Environment Committee working to improve citizens’ quality of life, the Library, parks, pools, sports facilities, leisure and culture programs and the access plan for handicapped persons. In every effort she undertakes, she looks for positive ways to improve things

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